Become a kick-ass fantasy artist

I went from being a total beginner to doing these paintings after three months.

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In other words, you don’t need years of experience, expensive art schools, boring step-by-step instructions or anatomy studies to become a good fantasy artist. What you need is getting straight to the point, and I can show you how.

My specialities are

  • Traditional fantasy and fantastic art, with a digital touch
  • Oil colors, acrylics and Photoshop

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Exactly how do I help you become kick-ass very quickly?


Well, rather than throwing a bunch of boring instructions or tutorial videos in your face I find out exactly where you are in your progress and where you want to go. After that I immediately get to the core of what you need and support you in every way I can to make you progress as quickly as possible.

Let’s say that you are a beginner and want to do fantastic art that reminds of the Pre-Raphaelites. At that point I could advice you to pick an artwork that represents what you dream of doing. Then I help you to get there.

You send me images of your work-in-progress (if you like) and perhaps we see that you have difficulties with making great and realistic hair. Then I guide you through that obstacle. I could also share my secrets on how to get a balanced feel in the painting, create a rich texture, get perfect body proportions in no time at all, touch up your images in Photoshop, take shortcuts if you are really stuck, and sure, suggest some few video tutorials if necessary, and so on.

The unique thing is that you have my attention 9-24 six days a week and that I guide you straight to the top with respect to your personal skills and qualities.

Stefan Loå & co


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Jonathan, 28 years:
It was tough but hilarious to develop so fast, to be so focused, and in just a few months challenge the best artists I know in my favorite genre.

Anne, 21 years:
I now know that I can do almost anything when it comes to art.



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Become a kick-ass fantasy artist in 3 months