Robert Venosa – an all time favorite

Salvador Dali – who for a while was a neighbor to Venosa – wrote: “Bravo Venosa! Dali is pleased to see spiritual madness painted with such a fine technique.”

Spot on, Dali! His outstanding capacity to portray seemingly otherworldly perceptions with such a fine technique is truly unique. Still today I cannot figure out a few aspects of his technique. For example, how did he create those long and fine lines in this artwork?


As some of you may see, the image above was my starting point for one of my first large paintings:


Robert Venosa’s technical brilliance and creativity astounds me even today. No wonder he was the artist who had most impact on my art.

He was an artist in the fantastic art genre and his approach was very different from the typical fantasy artist: Rather than finding inspiration from a commercial viewpoint he soemtimes used the hallucinogen Ayahuasca for inspiration. Rather than painstakingly draw sketches and then color them he immediately smeared colors on the canvas in a very random way and used that as a base for the artwork. Rather than knowing pretty well how the painting would look like in the end, he had no clue and improvised from beginning to end.

This is one example of his fine tuned creativity (notice the head in the top part of the painting):

It is amazing what fantastic artworks that can be created with just some black paper, white color, and simple tools like a palette knife:


Thank you for a great contribution to the art world, Robert Venosa. May you rest in peace.