Let’s throw away the misinformation that surrounds the art world and get into some real action. The real action is you getting your hands dirty and give it all you have, while I support you.

As a starter, I really suggest that you read my book Magic & Beauty. At least read the first two chapters, they are for free.

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Read for free


Now let’s move on to the things you pay for. Paying will not just give me an income and motivation, but will make you more motivated as well.

Feedback on one of your artworks – $50:

Instead of getting some random feedback on art forums from people you don’t feel sure about, I give you reliable and focused feedback, up to five feedbacks per artwork.

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One month’s coaching – $700: 1
We email, chat or Skype and find out exactly where you are at and where you want to go. I share my secrets and give you feedback through video tutorials specifically designed for you. That way you excel as fast as possible.

We skip the expensive art schools and boring instructions and get straight to the core of what you need to develop. Sure, I might suggest a few video tutorials for you if necessary, but the key thing is this: You’ll have my full attention and we aim straight to the top.

Sara, 19 years:
Stefan was very sweet and patient with me. I had very bad self confidence in the beginning, but in the end I had created the best artworks of my life.

The coaching contains this


Three months’ coaching – $1500:button6
Same as above, but for three months. Plus some extra, depending on what you need, like feedback on marketing strategies, sharing of contacts, and the like.

Mark, 25 years:
Once I learned to paint nude bodies really well I knew that I could do almost anything. Thank you, Stefan!

The coaching contains this


All are welcome, but beginners would benefit the most.


Become a kick-ass fantasy artist in 3 months